Genghis Khan

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In the history of the world, there have been many great figures that have left a lasting legacy. These people could be inventors, innovators, leaders, or saviors. Some famous or infamous people that every person should be aware of are people like the Founding Fathers, Adolf Hitler, Alexander Graham Bell, Harriet Tubman, or Alexander the Great. Adolf Hitler left behind the horrifying event, the Holocaust. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Harriet Tubman saved and freed many slaves. Alexander the Great was arguably the greatest conqueror. However, there is another conqueror that many say is better. He is known as a person who knew nothing other than war and bloodshed. This man is Genghis Khan. Conquering almost all of Asia, Genghis Khan was the most feared man in the ancient world. As the leader of the Mongolian army, he was a fearsome yet kind leader. People on his side loved and respected him. The people who were not, feared him. Genghis Khan’s will to revenge the ones he cherishes, ability to lead the people, and effect on Asia has led to his rise to power and the lasting legend behind his name. First of all, Genghis Khan lived a very sad life full of death and betrayal. When he was believed to be around nine years-old, and still called by his birth name Temujin, his father arranged a marriage for him. His father took Temujin to live with the tribe, Onggirat, where his future wife lived. When his father was on the way back to his own tribe, he encountered the Tatars. The Tatars recognized him as a threat and offered poisoned food to him. Upon eating it, Yisugei was poisoned and died. When Temujin heard of the news, he went back to his tribe to take the position his father held. The tribe did not like the idea of suc... ... middle of paper ... ...s Medieval Ages. Anybody who fell victim to it was bound to die within a very short amount of time. Genghis used this to his advantage. When a soldier in his army got infected, Genghis would order his army to launch the body over the walls of Europe. From there, the disease spread all over Europe. Genghis was a man to be feared. He was intelligent and knew how to turn the tables to his favor. Many negative emotions fueled Genghis Khan’s life, yet he was still able to be kind to the ones he cared for. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Genghis was a man who was greatly feared and still remembered today. He became so powerful through the events that happened early in his life, but he was always a great warrior. During his time, Genghis left many marks of his existence in China and the world. He truly was a great conqueror that once ruled almost all of Asia.

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