Genghis Khan

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Genghis Khan was a Mongolian born in Born in 1162 and died in Western Xia, Aug 18, 1227. Before he was awarded with the name of Genghis Khan, or the universal ruler, he was called Temujin. Just by the age of nine, a women named Borte was engaged to Temujin. His father was a tribe leader; but it wasn’t long after Temujin came back and found out that his father was poisoned by rival tribes. During that period of time, Temujin wasn’t strong enough to compete with other men, thus, he was driven out along with his family from the tribe.Seeking for revenge, he formed an alliance with Borte’s tribes after they were successfully married. When he terminated the vengeance, the unification of other Mongol tribes began. Many by many, all tribes submitted themselves to Temujin’s enormous armies. They then named him Genghis Khan. Under Genghis Khan’s rule, the region had became more united than ever. Instead of having nomadic, they are united into one called the Mongol empire. He valued resources, religious adoption within the empire, humanitarian values, trade routes, equality, and many other t...

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