Genghis Khan

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Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan, or Temujin, as he was referred to in his early life, was born around 1167 into the pastoral nomadic lifestyle of the Mongols. Mongolian life was centered on several fragmented tribes that continuously fought each other, led by individual khans. “Temujin enjoyed years of successful conquest in these tribal wars” (Adler and Pouwels, 239-41). At the age of sixteen, Temujin married Borte, a woman from another tribe. “Temujin married Borte, cementing the alliance between the Konkirat tribe and his own.” (""). Temujin was greatly feared among the Mongols, as he was known for his ruthlessness, cunning, and his ferocity. “…by 1196 he had become powerful enough to assert personal control over all of the Mongol tribes” (Adler and Pouwels, 239-41).

In 1206, Temujin had conquered nearly all of central and eastern Mongolia, and through a council of clan elders, he was proclaimed to be Chinghis Khan, also known as Genghis Khan. “For the first time in their history, the Mongols were united under one leader.” (Adler and Pouwels, 239-41). Genghis Khan was a brilliant military tactician, as he combined the fighting style of the Mongols with new forms of organization, as well as new methods. This unique combination led to his armies being an unstoppable force, and an extremely efficient army. “First, he divided them into light and heavy cavalry.” The variety of his forces also helped the Mongols to become a power to be feared. The light cavalry usually used the swiftness of their horses, as well as light weaponry to strike swiftly against opponents. The heavy cavalry adorned Chinese-style armor in addition to the usual light Mongolian weaponry.

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...uldn’t have been a world power, and several trade centers, created by the conquests, wouldn’t have been connected. Without Genghis Khan, his grandsons, who would go to lead the Mongolian people, wouldn’t have appeared, so world history as we know it would be completely altered. The unique mix of heavy cavalry and light cavalry that Genghis Khan first designed wouldn’t have been seen by the world, or the use of a terror propaganda used to win fights, or receive an easy surrender.

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