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If there were the chance that I had an allele that could change my life for the worse, of course I would get tested for it. I would rather be certain in understanding the extent to which my genetic mutation could affect my life, rather than leave it to chance being ignorant about it. This is my personal opinion, yet there are many other factors to consider when evaluating whether or not to pursue tests to further understand your own genomic makeup. There is the question of whether or not the test has accurate enough results to give a person confidence in their bodies composition. Any information received from these genes would allow for the individual to make decisions towards their health, and thus might not be perfect in allowing an individual to fully understand all the implications of the treatments they undergo to prevent one certain disease, while perhaps increasing their risk for another. In testing for an allele that might produce something that could make a life go terribly for an individual, the individual can only further their knowledge about themselves. The knowledge gained can only better inform them as to how to make decisions in the future of their lives. Though both sides must be considered where an individual can be happy and ignorant, or less happy and knowledgeable, is a personal choice. The choice I would make would be to further my knowledge because it would allow me to act in the chance that I did have the ability to, and better my chances of knowing how to best deal with this certain characteristic. If I were to go about it being ignorant to the fact that my life may be impacted by my genetic makeup, then I would live happier, but likely for a shorter amount of time. In my opinion, the consequences of bein... ... middle of paper ... ... receiving the information it did hurt her mental state, but it also gave her a wake up call to live life a little more fully, which might not have been so bad. The information received from genetic tests on actionable alleles is very important to individuals health, both in a physical sense, yet also in an emotional/mental sense. Through genetic testing people are able to better feel out what their lives will be like in the future, and can better predict their lives and plan to take action. Though these actions may be taken in error, upon hearing a life threatening verdict from a doctor, people usually look to live life to a fuller extent than if they had no cares in the world. It is for the reason that knowledge allows people to make decisions where no information leaves everything to chance, I would want to have a little control over an uncontrollable situation.
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