Genetically modified food

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In the recent years , genetically modified food and organisms have been the center of talk

in the food department . These products have replaced our old diet of genetically altered

foods, which has had a tremendous impact on not only our health , but also on the environment.

One of the biggest problems with these genetically modified products , is that the big named

companies are not required to label if their products are genetically modified. They are way to

many negatives to weigh out the pluses on this topic and that is why most Americans are against

genetically modified food.

Genetically modified foods are foods from organisms that have been genetically

engineered. We still do not know the health impacts that genetically modified foods may have

on our bodies. The first genetically modified crop hit the shelves in 1994, in grocery stores in the

United States, and consuming these products has become common (Kallas). But since the

phenomenon is so recent , the long-term effects of eating these genetically modified products are

still unknown (Kallas). The American people are open to eating these genetically modified

products compared to other countries. As William Reville reported in his article

Let's Open Our Minds and Mouths to GM Food ," Foods derived from genetically modified

crops are not available for human consumption in large parts of the world , including Europe,

because of health fears." As a consumer , I don't want to take a chance on developing cancer or

other illnesses due to the type of food that I eat.

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In conclusion , the negatives outweigh the positives on genetically modified foods and

the health concerns of consuming these types of products are believed to be hazardous to your

body due to the little amount of research we have done on the food. Labeling continues to be

problematic but hopefully soon we can pass a bill declaring that all genetically modified foods

must be labeled. Genetically modified foods will continue to be s topic of debate until we

can figure out a solution.

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