Genetically Modified Organisms is Becoming a Super Market

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Genetically modified organism are becoming more common in our super markets due to advancements in research and because of the ease and economic value of growing genetically modified crops rather than organic or non-genetically modified crops. The majority of crops like corn and soy are genetically modified which leads to confusion about the impact of the genetically modified foods on our environment, our bodies and the bodies of livestock and animals. The debate that is occurring in many states including Colorado is whether to label food products containing genetically modified ingredients. The debate is inherent to the conservation of natural food products while also implying an excess of legislation on the state. Conservationists focus on the proper use of nature, which leads me to wonder why the conservation movement hasn’t weighed in on the production of genetically modified crops. I wonder if these genetically modified crops are affecting not only the crop and individual ingesting the crop but the environment surround the GM crop that isn’t involved in the growing at all. Is the development of genetically modified crops good for the conservation and preservation of the surrounding environment and the food itself? The development and the act growing of genetically modified crops changes the plant from its ”proper” use. In a time before genetically modified crops were as common as they are today, the use of the crop was to feed a person or use in a way to gain money. It was the responsibility of other aspects of crop growing to deter pests and keep the plant healthy. Genetically modified crops and foods are now coupled with the “proper” use of the crop and responsible for the other phase of growing crops. Many ecologists b... ... middle of paper ... ... growing of genetically modified foods may be damaging the environment and the ecosystem but when it comes to the labeling debate my opinion is a solid no despite the fears and unknown that are associated with the food. The debate over labeling genetically modified foods in Colorado revolves around the economic, health and consumer choice aspects of GM foods. Although studies have shown that consumers support the labeling of GM foods, studies have also shown that the consumers are unwilling to pay the premium that is coupled with labeling of genetically modified foods. The conservation of natural foods is one of the things that I think about when trying to decide if the legislation that is being enacted on us is the right amount or excessive. I believe that any kind of legislation increase on the subject of genetically modified foods is unnecessary and excessive.
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