Genetically Modified Organisms And Foods Should Be Banned

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Those GMO genes are mutant monsters that are going to take over this planet! So, now that I have your utmost attention, let’s talk about the ever so controversial topics: genetically modified organisms and genetically modified food. Ouch. Rolling your eyes already, I know; stick with me here and we will get through this together! I am not here to talk about why GM organisms and foods should be banned or why they are safe or harmful. Genetically modified organisms and foods are such touchy topics and there is a reason why: we barely know anything about them! Yes, today, right now at this very second, I completely discourage GMOs and GM foods. There is a catch though: THEY HAVE POTENTIAL. GMOs and GM foods currently bring rise to many problems; they are eliminating untargeted organisms instead of targeting the unwanted organisms and are placing human health at risk - specifically concerning allergies and diseases. The fix is quite simple though: slow down (slow way down), research, and educate; it is then that there will be controversy and GMOs and GM foods will actually be successful. First, let’s really talk about what GMOs and GM foods are. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are organisms like plants, animals, and microorganisms that are genetically altered in an unnatural way that would not naturally occur through mating or recombination (“Food Safety”, 2016). This happens through gene transfer and is often referred to as genetic engineering. The foods which are produced by those dandy GMOs are then what we refer to as GM foods. GM foods are becoming popular, mostly to the uneducted about GMOs, because they have this hopeful advantage to both the producer and the consumer: a lower price and a greater benefit (“Food Safety”... ... middle of paper ... ...e laboratory within a single generation of that food…” (233), and that is just entirely too fast. Genetic engineers and any person interested in or invested in GMOs must slow down, re-evaluate, research, educate, and be GMO wizards before moving forward with these swell ideas will ever really hit it off. That wasn’t so bad, now, was it? Hopefully we can all begin to agree on the fact that all of the negatives stemming from GMOs and GM foods are because there is just too little known. GMOs and GM foods are causing detrimental effects on the environment and the people of this planet, and although GMOs have the potential to be highly beneficial, they never will be until extensive research and education is completed. So, stay away from those GM foods and hopefully by the time your grandkids are having kids, GM foods will be the biggest success this world has ever seen!

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