Genetically Modified Foods

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Genetically modified foods are “foods produced from organisms that have had specific changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering.” Moving genes for antibiotic resistance from one type of bacteria to another was discovered and the antibiotic that was implemented into the bacteria the gene in it became resistant to the antibiotic too. This allowed gene manipulation, not just in bacteria but, plants and animals and these are by far more complex. Therefore, genes that have that have traits like pesticide resistance, disease immunity, or advantageous rates of growth and can be put right into a plant's or animal's DNA. When the gene is put in the object it creates a genetically modified organism or GMO with a specific desired trait.
A huge amount of scientists and doctors have concerns about GMO and the health threats they pose. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) did animal tests and reports that GMO dangers may include infertility, immune system disorders, accelerated aging, GI system changes, insulin regulation problems, and allergies. GM foods that are widely known are pineapples, strawberries and potatoes. GM foods are supposed to last longer, have more nutrients, taste better and more crops are harvested because the amount of food increases.
There are some effects GM crops may have on the environment. Crops and wild plants around the GM crops could become contaminated with the special genes that are put into the GM crop. New weeds deemed 'super-weeds' may change drastically which would be extremely hard or impossible to eradicate. Pollution coming from these harmful chemicals could possibly increase or decrease. Wildlife could be harmed by the dangerous toxins produced in...

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