Genetically Modified Foods

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Genetically Modified Foods

Throughout time there have been many changes in the types of food we

eat. There have been changes in the way food is grown and produced.

Many people are unaware of what they are actually eating when they buy

vegitables at the grocery store. The new changes in the foods today,

are known as GM, genetically modified foods. Many people do not

support the growing and consuming of genetically modified foods but I


The term GM foods or GMO’s means genetically modified organisms.

They are foods that have been created for humans and animals


These GMO’s are produced by the latest molecular biology techniques.

When the plants are modified in the laboratories they are being

modified in many different ways for many different purposes. In the

laboratories the traits of the plants are modified. Examples of traits

that are modified are increased resistance to herbicides, and improved

nutritional content. The method that is used to enhance the traits of

the plants is called breeding, but scientists have found that breeding

is very time consuming and not very accurate. So instead of scientists

using breeding they use a method known as genetic engineering, which

can create plants with desired a lot faster and with more accuracy. An

example of genetic engineering in plants is, a scientist can take a

gene from a crop that has drought tolerance and put that gene into

another plant to give the plant more drought tolerance. Other examples

of genetic engineering are the placement of genes into plants that

produce crystals that will kill insects that try to eat off the

plants, creating a natural p...

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...h proper nutrition.

Criticisms that are against genetically modified foods are unintended

harm to other species. The unintended harm comes from the genes is

some crops that cause some insects to die. You must ask yourself this

question though, whats more important, the loss of many human lives

from malnutrition, or some insects dying from genetically modified


All the reasons above are why I support genetically modified foods, I

think that in the future scientists will make more discoveries about

foods that will help the world. We will have better quality food,

more quantity of food, and the people will be a lot healthier.

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