Genetically Modified Food: The Key for the Survival of The Human Race

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Think Ligers are really cool then I’m sure that you’ll side with me in saying that genetically modified organisms are the future. Genetically modified things can lead to all sorts of amazing new things that can benefit the earth and all living creatures on it. The current status of the GMO project is that its being argued whether its good to incorporate in daily life or that its wrong to try and play the role of god. Here are three reasons why it can be helpful, Plants that can produce medical vaccines, Plants that don’t need or generate their own pesticides, Plants that can produce bigger and better fruits with less nutrients.

I think that Genetically modifying plants is going to be the key for the survival of the human race in the future. The reason I think this because as you might know we use about 2.5 million tons of chemicals each year which causes around 220,000 deaths annually. Sure you may think you need to spray pesticides on your plants to the keep pesky bugs from destroying your crops but what if I told you that you don’t even need to use chemically made pesticides. Scientists are working on a way to Genetically Engineer the plants so that they can make their own pesticides. The reason it could be beneficial to produce a new type of plant that can produce it’s own pesticides is because, in recent studies it’s shown that the chemicals in pesticides can cause a male animals to become sterile. They only way we can genetically modify these plants to use and make their own pesticides is if you help our cause.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go out into your garden when your sick grab a fruit and bit into it and start to feel better later that day, what if I told you this is possible? Through Genetically Modifying the DN...

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...opulations of small rural towns to die fast because pollen explodes out of those plants in the spring time and the wind carries them everywhere. Another way a scientist could abuse GMO’s is by producing and selling Genetically Modified plants that can have the same effect as any drug the scientist wanted it to have, for instance like shrooms. This could increase the usage of drugs and drug related accidents. These are just some of the ways that GMO’s can be used for the power of evil and not for good.

Even though GMO’s can be used for a lot of bad things they can also be used for a lot of good things like vaccines that you can find in your backyard, Plants that need little nutrients to thrive on, and self producing pesticide plants. I hope after reading these three reasons why GMO’s ( Genetically Modified Organisms) you can help them come into play in the future.

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