Genetically Modified Food Supply

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The failure of an arithmetically proliferating food supply to meet the demands of an exponentially propagating population has led many scientists and civilians to believe that a genetically modified food supply would be more than ideal. While genetically modified foods have proven to yield more food under cheaper costs, it has also yielded many problems. Concerned researchers believe that a “Pandora’s lunchbox” has been opened at the dawn of genetic modification technology. (PBS, par 33) Since genetically modified foods are foreign substances to the consumer’s body, the physical response to such foods are generally negative. Moreover, the temptation of an increased profit from a cheap rate of production for genetically modified foods has blinded many ambitious companies from realizing the health concerns regarding their customers. (PBS, par 80) Ultimately, genetically modified crops which are unnatural to the earth serve as gateways for superbugs to enter organic farms and lands surrounding these synthesized crops. (PBS, par 59) The abnormal structures and unnatural substances in genetically modified foods have proven to have harmful affects on the body. With such a dominant presence in the food industry, genetically modified foods have leaked into peoples’ staple foods, having a consistent attack on people’s health. One of the pressing health complications that come with genetically engineered foods is allergies. Many believe that allergies are innate and hence, impossible to develop. However, what people fail to realize is that genetically modified foods are essentially Frankensteins of the food industry; such foods are made through the fusion of genes of different foods, a process of which most consumers are unaware. Consequ... ... middle of paper ... ... which products contain engineered crops, making consumer oblivion to the toxic chemicals in the foods more possible and propagating. In fact, an estimates 70% of processed foods on the market these days contain genetically modified crops and material, ending up on millions of plates at consumers’ homes, crawling stealthily down their throats and into their immune systems. Even when people do realize the harmful effects of most genetically modified products on the market, they will have more difficult times finding organic produce as the greed of these corporate Frankensteins intensify. Many organic farmers are going out of business as companies sell their unhealthy products at an unbelievably low price; eventually, these companies corner the organic farmers into selling their organic farm business and transforming then into another monster machine. (PBS, par 56-70)
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