Genetically Modified Food

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I Think that they should allow some Genetically modified food in stores and to be purchased because there could be beneficial aspects to it. Genetically modified foods are foods that are not natural and have extra modified switches in their DNA. These GMO (genetically modified organisms) are not labeled in the stores and consumers do not know if they are modified or not. Even though studies show that most Americans want the government to label these products. For instance cold resistance gene would be beneficial. There is a gene in cold water fish that is freeze resistant and could be put into more crops to help them produce in cold temperatures. Some tobacco and potatoes have this gene in them to keep them from dying in the cold. This gene could be placed in every crop that has a cold winter season where its being grown. More crops could be produced and sold with this action. Another gene that would be great to place into some crops would be drought resistant. As the time of civilization and population increases more and more land is being destroyed and built on with cities and unnatural structures. Some of these lands are farming lands and the less lands for farmers to grow crops means the less crops that will be produced. With the drought resistant crops that can grow in heavily salted or constantly hot and dry places, Farmers would be able to produce more crops. In third world countries they have to ship and distribute vaccines to the people living there. The task isnt easy and sometimes there are issues with packaging and shipping the vacancies as well as injecting them to the local people. Researchers and scientist are looking for ways to put the vaccinations into somes crops like tomatoes and potatoes. These crops... ... middle of paper ... ... bodies of water. Creating crops that are genetically modified to act as pesticides and be tolerant to them would lower the risk of these runoff toxins and would save the farmers there financial losses. With the good side effects there also posses harmful side effects. Give that GM foods aren't natural could post issues involving consumers having severe allergic reactions and toxins induced into the body from the added genetic material. With this risk being lower than the beneficial standpoints GM products should be allowed as long as they are clearly labeled in stores giving consumers the power to take the low percentage risks. Fact: The first GM food that was produced and sold in stores was the Flavr savr tomato that was sold in California in 1994. After it made little profit they took it off the market in 1997, but it expanded the horizon for other GM foods.

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