Genetically Modified Food

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The rapid growth of the Genetically Modified Food that available in the market has been a huge concern for consumers and many people debate between that should we go for or against the Genetically Modified Foods. It has been a huge phenomenon around the globe which people often ask what is Genetically Modified Food and why should we have that in our daily life? Genetically Modified Food, GMF, refers to the crop plants that have been modified by using molecular biology technique to improve the genetic material, DNA, of the foods. In fact, minority activists who insist the entire world to be more “organic” are claiming that the genetics and biotechnology modified foods that are introduced by scientist and humanitarians are superfluous and unreasonable. However, the GMF are beneficial to human because there are reducing the pesticide use, amount of land devoted to agriculture and at the same time enhancing on the qualities and nutrients of the foods. Aren’t these the goals and aim of the organic movement?
Many organic advocates claims that the GMF crops that have higher resistance towards pesticide will bring certain side effects in a long run of time. They believe that the crops that have been genetically modified to produce their own pesticide might make the insects or pests become more resistant to the artificial pesticide. Infact, one of the terrifying effects of the effort of the usage of pesticides, for pests and insects control, is that the side effect of using pesticides on crops and environmental pollution will not be realized nor discussed by the ignorant advocates for many years and decades. In addition, uncontrolled usage of pesticides will affect human health when the pesticides are protecting the crops but not consumers...

... middle of paper ... could be alleviated. Consumers often misleaded by the food that labeled “organic”. Does organic means it is more beneficial for consumers? The nutrient facts are something consumers should be scrutinizing into.
GMF is an improvement on the food industry and it potentially eliminates most of the predicaments such as reduce the pesticide use, amount of the land for agricultural and at the same time improving the nutrient in our food. Although I accept that the ideas that GMF development might bring an impact in the future, scientists have proven that GMF is more beneficial to human kind because they have experimented GMF in caution and eliminate the unintended harm to the society regarding to the powerful technology. It’s clear that the human health should not be compromised by the doubt and misinterpretation ideas from the organic advocates, regarding to the GMF.
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