Genetically Modified Food

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Some people picture genetically modified food as being unhealthy and unnatural. Our grocery stores are full of genetically modified food but we are unaware because the food is not labeled. If some people saw a label in the grocery store stating that the product is genetically modified they may walk the other way. The individuals may think that the genetically modified products will cause some type of harm to their bodies over time. Some people are extremely pessimistic about changes that have to do with what they consume. I am neither for nor against genetically modified food. Modifying food in my eyes could be a good thing because the food could help aid world hunger, and help evolve plants and animals to the point they do not get diseases. On the other hand genetically modified food could also be bad because the genetically modified organisms could get out of captivity and cause the natural organisms to become extinct, and the genetically modified food could cause allergic reactions based on what genes they are given.

Genetically modified food can be grown in seasons that the food normally does not grow in because of the new genes they are given. In the article written by Emily Anthes, she talks about how a company called AquaBounty wants to create a genetically modified Atlantic salmon that can produce growth hormones during the cold months. Anthes states, “Normally, Atlantic salmon produce growth hormone only in the warm summer months, but these genetic adjustments let the fish churn it out year round.” Allowing the Atlantic salmon to produce the growth hormone all year round means there will be more fish. The genetically modified fish will also become mature at a faster rate than the normal salmon. With the fish being ...

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...eople should open their eyes and try something out of the ordinary instead of sticking to one type of thing. To be honest I have never heard of genetically modified food causing any type of health issue in people who do consume genetically modified food. What do you think? Do you consider genetically modified food as “franken food” that should not be created? Or do you think that we as a people should give genetically modified food a try before we judge the food?

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