Genetically Modified Crops

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Genetically Modified Crops
For years farmers have fought pest, weeds, and diseases to grow crops. There have been many pesticides and herbicides used to help with these problems, only to find out later that they are damaging our environment and a health hazard to animals and humans. They are constantly searching for new ways to improve farming. Genetically engineered crops began in 1996 (Charmin 74-83). Genetically engineered crops appear to have minimal effects on the environment and humans, they produce larger yields of crops, and they could be the answer to world hunger.
The main use of genetically modified technology was to allow farmers to use a broad- spectrum weed killer to control weeds, and to lessen the use of herbicides and pesticides and their negative effects on our environment. The National Research Council issued a report that found genetically modified crops have increased profits for farmers and they do less damage to the environment than conventional crops (Kilman n/a). By planting these types of crops, farmers have to till less often, which helps with soil erosion, as well as costs. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the agriculture health of the United States requires the concurrent feasibility, or coexistence of organic crops and genetically modified crops (Keifer 1241). The coexistence of these two crops has been threatened by gene flow. The modified crops spread their genes to the non-modified crops. This threatens the organic status and ...

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