Genetically Modified Crops

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There are several definitions for genetically modified crops including foods produced from organisms that have had specific changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering. The way these modified DNA cells work is simple. They are created from a stem cell, which means the base cell that has all of the DNA coding in it ready for division. These modified cells are unnatural to our bodies, so often times new isn’t always the best way to go. Genetically modified crops should be used in moderation, because they can have very negative effects on the population.
There are several different ways that this trend of new and improved gene pools got their bearings but the most common theory is that “the 1980’s marked the scientific discovery that specific pieces of DNA could be transferred from one organism to another” (History of Genetically Modified Foods). This shows that the research started very long ago, and they have had a copious amount of time to perfect what they are putting into our food. “While the potential of GM crops is great, the laundry list of unknowns is troubling to many who want the process sidelined until the safety of GMOs can be concluded through research and studies. In terms of controversies, one of the greatest concerns is the long-term health affects that genetically modified foods will have on human health” (History of Genetically Modified Foods). There is still a long way to go for these genetically modified crops.
In the video “Just Label It” actor Tom Collichio explains that 92% of Americans would rather our food be labeled if it has been genetically modified. It also says that the FDA has no current policy about labeling such products; therefore we have to take a stand if thi...

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... genetically modified crops go, think twice next time someone buys something for dinner that may or may not be genetically modified. There are alternatives that are extremely safe, and these could help the general population become, as a whole, healthier. The sooner the farmers go back to crop rotation the sooner we can breathe a breath of fresh air, literally.

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