Genetic Mutation Essay

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Genetic Mutation in America
America has been introducing foreign genes into cows, mice, sheep, and pigs for years; there is no reason that it cannot be done in humans as well (“Creating Designer Children”). Imagine parents picking their child out of a catalog instead of using God’s creation. (“Creating Designer Children”). Every child is born with the genes that are carried down the gene line of their family not by the parents picking how they want their child to be born. Genetic mutation is basically a future of designer children. Genetic mutation can cure the children of all diseases and traits that the parents do not want their child or children to have (“Creating Designer Children”). Around 1,000 to 4,000 children born in the United States will develop a disease before or around the age of 10 (“Creating Designer Children”). The question is, “will the child be born healthy or have problems later in life”? How far will parents and doctors go to engineer humans (“Creating Designer Children”)?
In October of 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration held a two-day public meeting to talk about genetic mutation involving the human egg and which changes will be passed on generationally (“Genetically Modified Children”). Human gene mutation has been practiced since 1990, but most of the practices involved non-heritable genes which was called a somatic gene mutation (“Genetically Modified Children”). Somatic gene changes only affect the individual and are not passed on to future generations, and so these somatic gene mutations do not affect the human genome (“Genetically Modified Children”). Genetic mutation changed with the first successful birth of 30 attempted genetically mutated children by 2001 (“Genetically Modified Children”)....

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...ll just get made fun of additionally. Healthy children should not be genetically modified they will be fine just the way they are. Let the child be how they were meant to be unless they have a disease that is going to put them in the hospital all the time. Everybody will have a different opinion about the future of genetic engineering and many will agree for healthy children to be genetically modified too because wealthy people want their children to be better than everyone else’s child. There are so many arguments that can be made about genetic engineering and too many sides to take or not even a side at all. Genetic engineering should not be playing God unless a child is going to be born with a really bad disease. Not everybody will agree that genetic engineering is wrong to do on healthy children who have a chance in life to succeed just the way they are.
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