Genetic Engineering and its Drawbacks

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In the past few years, there have been numerous technological advances, one of them being genetic engineering. Scientists are experimenting with genes and animals to create everything from a Day-Glo pet fish to a pig whose liver could be used in a liver transplant for humans. Scientists argue that genetic engineering can be used to test medicinal products without putting humans at risk, to battle diseases and to make a body with a stronger immune system, amongst many other reasons, which they claim are to improve the outcome of the human race. It is not ethical for animals to be genetically modified in order to benefit the human race because the process undergone is inhumane, the outcomes are unnatural, and there is a very low success rate. The steps performed in order to genetically modify an animal are inhumane and cruel. As the Boyd Group, a British-based advocacy group against Animal Testing, states “The techniques used in genetic manipulation of animals include administration of drugs to donor female animals, in order to induce superovulation, followed by timed matings and collection of fertilised eggs (by killing the donor animals if mice are used, or by laparotomy in larger animals)” (GE Animal Welfare and Ethics, Boyd Group). This process of procreation is cruel towards animals, as they are being used as just a mating machine, as a storing and breeding device for the new species. The mistreatment of animals is viewed as part of a scientific procedure, and is not viewed as unethical, only necessary to continue with the innovation of species. Apart from the heartless procedures undergone, the lab conditions they are kept in are also bad: “[Animals] spend their lives in barren cages, unable to make choices or express natural... ... middle of paper ...>. “Fact Sheet: Genetically Engineered Animals." 2012. . FDA, . "Genetically Engineered Animals." U.S. department of health and human services. N.p., 11 03 2010. Web. 11 Jan 2014. . Ormandy, E., J. Dale, and G. Griffin. "Genetic engineering of animals: Ethical issues, including welfare concerns." The national center for biotechnology information. Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, n.d. Web. 11 Jan 2014. . MSPCA. Lab Animal Welfare. 2011. 20 Jan 2013.>.

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