Genetic Engineering: Genetically Modified Food

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Changing the genetic traits of plants or animals to make them better has been done for many years, and there are many ways to do this. Genetic modification is one way that we modify our food to make them better and more productive which is very different from natural way of producing something better. GMOs make up a large percentage of our global food supply and have become very important since they were first developed. The process of genetic modification began after people started to understand how traits are passed down from one generation to another. The first genetically modified organism was introduced in 1980 and there has been billions of dollars spent on research, development, and regulation since. While there are many benefits of using genetically modified products, they also have many risks and can cause many problems for us in the future.
Genetic modification is a laboratory-based technique that allows genes to be transferred and inserted into another organism in order to inherit a desired trait. Unlike selective breeding which is when breeding takes place between organisms with the same genetic makeup, Genetic modification is a completely different idea where traits from two different, unrelated plants or animals are put together to form a completely new organism. Specific genes are first identified, and then they are isolated and copied in order to be introduced into another species. The first step in the process of creating GM plants is cutting and splicing certain genes in a test tube. The next step is inserting the gene into the DNA. All organisms have unique traits that are found only in their DNA, but not in other organisms.
Genetically engineered food has become extremely widespread and is used in many count...

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