Genetic Engineering Essay

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Genetic engineering
It is the manipulation of the DNA or RNA of organisms to modify or better the organism. Traits of the organism can be changed or new traits can be added through DNA. The genes of an organism can be altering through biotechnology. This is the reason that genetic engineering can be considered a form of biotechnology. Genes can be removed added or deactivated for certain traits to be expressed or repressed. This can be done with bacteria or proteins. The combinations of traits formed are new and can’t be found in nature changing the make-up of the organism somehow creating a new species. Genetic engineering is being used in agriculture medicine and forensics. Organisms that are genetically modified are known as GMOs.
Designer babies:
Known as In-vertro fertilization. Through genetic engineering scientists have found a way to help women who struggle to fall pregnant to have a baby. The fertilization is done in the lab outside of the woman’s body. The woman will undergo a process in which she will take hormonal medication. This medication will produce many ovaries which are retrieved and put in lab dishes. Then after the eggs are inseminated and fertilize. Only a few eggs are chosen and transferred into the woman’s womb to develop. Designer babies are when the fetus’s genes are altered to suit the parent’s choice characteristics, literary designing your dream child.
Advantages and disadvantages
In vitro fertilization has been around since the 70s and many people trust it because of how much its developed. Although it comes with a lot of health side effects for the mother, many see it as worthwhile. The hormonal medication causes some issues for the woman and the whole pregnancy is dedicate and fragile fo...

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...ho should decide how long someone should live?

I believe that genetic engineering can be regarded as biotechnology if you believe in science. It is a way of trying better people’s lives using cells/organisms. Agriculture medicine could benefit a lot when/if genetic engineering is deemed safe enough and over comes the risks and controversial issues. It uses technology and biological processes to enhance organisms to form useful products. In this way biotechnology and genetic engineering are linked. Genetic engineering should fall under biotechnology. My opinion is that Biotechnology should be researched further and be used but only to a certain extent. There a lot of extreme cases and many improvements to be made. I believe that biotechnology explores and opens up new avenues in biology that can definitely make a good difference in our changing world.

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