Genetic Engineering

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In the field of animal and human genetic engineering there is much more speculation, than fact, because very little has actually been tested in the real world. Firstly, there’s a big question mark over safety of genetic engineering. In addition, genetic engineering can cause greater problems than that what we have today. Moreover, we can create a injustice world between Designer vs Non-designer children. Furthermore, genetic engineering is a type of murder because of the process of genetically modifying a baby. Evidence has shown that genetic engineering may have benefits ,but with these benefits will come disadvantages.
Scientists have not proved that genetic engineering is safe, the only thing they have stated are opinions. One researcher that claims “genetic diversity” can be a safety problem for us, humans. The scientist explains that “ if we were all to undergo genetic modification would this limit our genetic diversity, could there be a danger that our gene pool diminishes and that as a population we become more susceptible to being wiped out by a hitherto unknown disease threat? What can this mean to our world, the destruction of the human race?” He also claims that “ there’s a big question mark over safely of genetic engineering.” He goes on to explain that “ There are risks associated with getting genes into a human body and having them carry out the desired function. Some genes are carried in on viral vectors and these bugs have been altered so as not to infect a patient with a disease. However, a small number of gene therapy trials have resulted in the deaths of some subjects.” If the process is not safe to go through then the product could be worse than what we think. To sum up what I said, genetic engineering is s...

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