Genetic Engineering

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I, as a Christian, believe that the traits of a child are a blessing to a parent in one-way or another. Although I hold this true, I actually wouldn’t mind being able to design my own baby. I mean, I could root out all of the bad traits, and add the ones I want. I would make my child a girl with olive skin, brown hair, bright green eyes, and to have the dancing feet of Fosse, the facial expressions of Liz Taylor, and the vocal chords of Lea Michelle. I want her to be a star of the screen or stage. Although, down in my heart of hearts I know that my child should have a choice as to what they want to be when they grown up. Although genetic engineering can be used in this way, there are hundreds of better uses for it. Some that can change a person for the better, and not for the enhancement of their physical features. I will admit genetic engineering isn’t the most developed study in the world, but sought as the biggest discovery of mankind. With more studies on remarkable branch of new aged science, in a few years we could prevent diseases, mend genetic flaws, and slowly make the world a better place.
There are different ways to go about fixing your genetic makeup. There is the Germline Gene Therapy route, which takes place in the egg or sperm cell of a couple. If they are aware they have a hereditary disease or flaw such as diabetes or patterned baldness, they can take the broken gene and manipulate it into a healthier one. They can accomplish this since the gene is still young and manageable. This method is illegal in many countries. The other method is called Somatic Cell Gene Therapy, which can happen in children and adults. In this method, doctors fire a working gene into the body on a viral vector where the working g...

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...This study holds a great deal of promise to people and the way we live. In my eyes, this could be the best thing since sliced bread. This huge controversy could save and better so many people’s lives. With more knowledge we could change all of our flaws in everyday life and slowly make the world a better place.

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