Genetic Discrimination

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In the 1920s the United States became the world center of eugenic activity and social policy. From 1907-1960 more than 100,000 innocent Americans were sterilized in more than 30 states. The American eugenics movements of the 1920s and 1930s recognized human beings as being either cherished or substandard. They established degeneration programs to improve races of low grade causing racism to intend more rapidly. The main targets of degeneration were the usual victims of racism Jews, Indians, Blacks, and many more minorities. After Hitler was defeated American eugenics movement appeared to be disapproved by the American public. Neo Nazis spokesperson William Shockley began to resurrect the movement by proposing a federally funded program “voluntary sterilization bonus plan” of the 1060s. In 1974 over 125,000 low income people were forced to be sterilized. They were told that if they didn’t go throw with the procedure they would lose benefits. Doctors in major cities performed sterilizations in the form of hysterectomies on mostly black welfare recipients, gaining the name “Missi...
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