Generativity Case Study

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My client is 49 years old, female, single, and her current occupation is as a Registered Nurse. Observing and interviewing my client, she is alert and responsive. Her skin color is good; her eyes are heavy and slightly sunken and her hair is thin and dry. As a nurse, my clients working schedule affects her sleeping pattern leading to few and not enough hours of sleep. She works in a nursing agency that gives her a mix of day and night shifts, making it difficult to maintain a sleeping pattern. My clients’ general health is good, no known illnesses and has a normal body mass index. My client’s main stressor is her work schedule and having no other family member in Canada except her daughter. Having no relatives around is hard for her especially…show more content…
At this stage, the main question they asked themselves are “how can I contribute to the world? And “Do I have a purpose in life and am I contented?” (Cherry, 2015). Generativity refers mainly about one’s ability to care for anotherperson; parenting is an important event during this life course. My client being a single mother and essentially the one who raised and support her daughter, feels contented and convince that she accomplished this field. Her main purpose of her life right now is to provide for her daughter and to help her family members that are less fortunate back in Philippines, allowing her to have a sense of worth and fulfillment in life. Other objective of this physiological stage of life is self satisfaction, compared to the other previous stage where they rely mainly on others opinion and social comparison at this age self worth and own’s view of self is valued (Foster & Levitov, 2012). Working as a nurse for almost 30 years, this line of work gives her self fullfillment knowing that she is contributing and serving the community. Stagnation on the other hand is the opposite of generativity, it refers to failure to contribute to the society or care for someone else other that yourself. Individuals that fail to attain generativity tends to be uninvolved or detached from their community, creating a feeling of unproductivity and decrease self worth
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