Generation Y Case Study

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1.0 Introduction
The study examines how generation Y shows their behavior and attitude as a leader in organization. Age diversity is of particular interest, as the workforce is now comprised of four generations (Kyles, 2005). There are least of these generations entering the working field and most of the leader in organization now still monopolize by generation X. This generation style and the way they participate in the organization also different than other generation. They are different from other generations in terms of work-related values and attitudes; managers need to tailor their approach to leading Generation Y in order to engage and retain this generation (Salahuddin, 2010). The relationship between leader and employee are importance as they are main tools for their organization and they need to realize that this relationship should been well known and identify by the leader as the requirement and needs of employee has changed and most of them are not fulfill the needs of the company. Managers believe that the consumers who comprise Generation Y are distinctly different in many ways from Generation X or the Baby Boomers (Pesquera, 2005).

The Generations Y are well educated and knowledgeable but lacking in working experience.
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The organizations need to figure out how to build the relationship and understanding between Generation Y and other generation in workplace since they will lead the future of the organizations. The behavior of this cohort is certainly distinguishable and unique to the generation (Hershatter and Epstein, 2010). Indeed, a cohort is defined as a set of individuals entering a system at the same time, who are presumed to have similarities due to shared experiences that differentiate them (Mason & Wolfinger,
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