Generation Xers And Nexters Essay

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The comparison between Generation Xers and Generation Nexters in uses and perceptions of the Internet and Social Network Sites in modern world

1. Introduction

Generation Xers and Nexters are shared many similarity and differences in using Internet and social network sites. In this research paper we will discover the background of Xers and Nexters, Social Media and Internet impacts, advantages and disadvantages of social media, differences use of Internet and Social Media and the future trend.

2. Background of Xers and Nexters

Generation X
 Born: 1966-1976 Age in 2015: 39 to 49
Current Population: 41 million (Generation xyz)
Xers or Generation X is recognizing from the early 1960s to the early 1980s. Generation X has been witness to,
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The advantages and disadvantages of the Internet and Social Media
There are many advantages and disadvantages of Social Media and Internet in modern society.
Generation X: Advantages:
In generation X technological advances makes physical distances easier to span and cross-cultural norms more quickly diffused. Technologies in generation X make distance easier to span and cross culture norms more quickly diffused. This played a critical role in Social Media and Internet because as more country enables to be reach with the Internet technology the county become more diversify and more connected. This also mean that education, occupation and financial wealth increase. Disadvantages:
Based on there are many disadvantages when it comes to technology improvement especially in social media. Research found that Generation X had a level of work ethic decrease compare to Generation Boomer or Silent. Also the personal value such as morals also decrease from 14% respectful to 5% respectful that almost double.

Generation Y:
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This phenomenon will push Generation X out of the table due to the lack of technological knowledge, only Generation Y Nexter would able to adapt to the future technological innovation. The reason being Generation Y Nexter grew up Internet and Social Media. They already master the use of current technology so it easier for they to adapt to the future trend of Social Media and
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