Generation X

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"What? The land of the free?
Whoever told you that is your enemy...Yes I know my enemies
They're the teachers who taught me to fight me
Compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission
Ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite
All of which are American dreams."
(Know Your Enemy, Rage Against the Machine)

Perhaps this explains some of Generation X, as they have come to be called, or perhaps it open up more questions. I’d like to share what I’ve learned about Gen X from people who are part of that Generation. 19-39Hopefully this will clear up some misconceptions about them, and shed some light on whom they really are and what they are trying to prove. Generation X is made up of people 19 to 39 years old. They are one of the most outspoken subculture groups in America today. They have not only voiced their opinion through books and newspapers, but through the Internet and especially political means. As a group, their age gives them a large voice in the election of government officials who hold their views. Generation X has collectively defined themselves as;
…A group of individuals who grew up with no one at home after school. It appears we have little hope for the future. No jobs, no homes, and basically no money are almost expected of us. Some believe that these blockades will be too much for us to handle and we will for the most part fail at life, but many see our individualism and resourcefulness that have been built up through our childhoods as our saviors. We...