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Generation Music X I love driving my truck. When I drive I like to play my music as loud as it can go. Often times, I think this tends to offend older people. This makes me wonder what is offensive to them, the fact that my music is so loud that the whole block can hear it, or the fact that my music is something that they cannot (or will not) comprehend. It is probably a combination of the two, but this brings up a question: Why can older generations never understand the music of the generation before them? My mom and dad don’t like most of my music. My grandmother and grandfather didn’t like almost all of my mom’s music, and I bet that my great grandparents didn’t like their kids’ music either. It’s an ongoing tradition that seems to repeat itself every thirty of forty years. My mom used to tell me stories about how she would sneak out of her house at night just so she could go see The Beetles play. The love and passion for a specific kind of music can be so strong, it can drive a person to disobey their parents, rebel against police, or even start a riot. So why can this intense passion only be felt by the generation that it grew up with? Why is it that previous generations of music lovers may well know that at one time they too felt the same way about a certain movement of music, but can still be so offended by and against the music of today? Constantly, tragedies and mishaps are blamed on certain genres of music. -“That grunge-metal music is what made him go insane and kill all of his classmates.” While it may be true that a lot of crazy and mentally unstable people listen to hard, grunge rock, it is not their choice of music that made them turn crazy; it was (for example) the bad parenting he had as a child, or maybe the insecurities he felt his whole life due to low self moral. These things are very real problems but should not be attributed to his or her taste in music. Doing that is just as ridiculous as saying; “ He became schizophrenic because his favorite foods were hot dogs and popcorn.” What I have also found is that, although older people cannot enjoy the new generation of music, some younger people still enjoy earlier generations of music.
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