Generation Gone Wrong

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Society as a whole has become ridiculous. Having examples of our famous role models drinking, doing drugs, partying, and changing their whole personality and look has made our generation change drastically. Teenagers now a days are so focused on being cool and standing out, that we forget the importance of respect for ourselves.
Many famous stars have changed completely, going from innocent to out of control. We look at these examples they show off to the world and many teens take it as something they wish they could be. For example, Miley Cyrus. When I was 6th grade, Hannah Montana was the biggest thing around the time. She was a singer and main actor of the show “Hannah Montana” and all girls around the world looked up to her because she was a perfect role model in our eyes. To me growing up listening to all her songs, buying her albums, watching all her shows and movies made me realize she was a down to earth girl who had a good background and loving family. Being able to have that one star that was always doing great things with her career and life showed many girls that you cou...

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