General Motors Diversification Essay

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General Motors is known as one of the most diverse companies in the automotive industry and has been for over 30 years. Their diversification program is all inclusive to bring unity among its employees, customers, suppliers, dealers and communities. The company has pioneered various programs that make it the model for “driving diversity” in the workplace.
General Motors (GM) has been a leading manufacturer in the auto industry for over a century. GM’s first automobile manufactured in 1903 was simply called the Model 719. It consisted of a steel frame and a five-horsepower engine with two forward gears. Throughout each decade, GM continued to innovate and improve the design, quality and efficiency of its automotive products. GM traveled …show more content…

The company employs over 266,000 people spanning six continents, 192 countries and 23 time zones. (DeCuir, n.d.). Their employees speak over 70 languages. In 2015, General Motors sold 9.8 million vehicles globally, breaking the record for global sales. (, n.d.).
General Motors has undoubtedly faced challenges due to the mere size of its workforce and the wide variety of the types of diversity it supports. The key to successful diversification buy-in from the employees requires careful strategic planning by the leadership of the company. The plan must be well organized with goals and objectives clearly stated. Implementation of the plan should create a consistent environment of unity that is embraced by all employees at every level.
One challenging concern that GM leadership faces is the resistance to change. People who oppose change initially hold negative attitudes toward new ideas. Negative attitudes lead to low employee morale and decreased productivity. Therefore, it is imperative that diversity training address the positive aspects of change to dispel any false assumptions or fears. Behaviors that display attitudes of prejudice, stereotyping, bullying and discrimination should be strongly addressed in training and not tolerated. …show more content…

GM leadership supports diversity within every aspect of their business, including customers, suppliers, and employees. Leadership positions are held by a largely diverse pool of talented and skilled individuals throughout the world. Ed Welburn is the first and only African American in the auto industry to oversee Global Design. Fifty percent of GM’s minority dealers are Hispanic, receiving over $2.9 million from the Buick Achieves Scholarship. Both the Vice President of Global Purchasing and the Supply Chain Vice President are Hispanic. General Motors recognizes that employees from different cultures bring unique perspectives to the design table based on their traditions. The collaboration of this diverse mix helps the company maintain the American heritage while adding something fresh to design aesthetics from an international perspective. (,

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