General George S. Patton

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“Attack rapidly, ruthlessly, viciously, without rest, however tired and hungry you may be, the enemy will be more tired, more hungry. Keep punching” (qtd in The Official, Quotes). The quote was said by the mighty General George S. Patton, and the quote also sums up his personality. Patton was a man with a family tree of fighters. In about every war the U.S. has been in before World War I, Patton’s family was there to fight. Before World War I, Patton had experience fighting and trying to find Poncho Villa, in Mexico. After the Villa thing, Patton served in World War I, as amazing tank commander against the Central Powers. Since Patton has gotten familiar with warfare, he put his experience to good use in one of the greatest wars in the world, World War II. But in the end, Patton didn’t die on a battlefield. He died in a simple car accident, shortly after WWII. George S. Patton became the legend that he is today because of his leadership style and accomplishments before and during World War II.
George S. Patton was born on November 11, 1885 in San Gabriel, California (General, Bio).George grew up knowing that he wanted to become a hero (The Official, Bio). Of course the reason why he wanted to become a hero is that his family was a military family and he wanted to be like them (The Official, Bio). Patton’s ancestors and relatives fought in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and the Mexican War (The Official, Bio).
Patton started his military career in 1902 when he wrote to Senator Thomas R. Brad for appointment to the US Military Academy (General George). With a fear of not passing the exam to enter the Academy, because of not doing well in reading and writing, he applied to other university’s that offered Reserve Officer’s Training...

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... incident, he ordered Patton to apologize, Patton did apologize and they found out the soldier had malaria, which explains why his nerves were acting up (Jones, Taylor).

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