General Aviation Aircraft Value Analysis

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General Aviation Aircraft Value Analysis A value analysis of four different modes of transportation was conducted to assess which would be the most economical by means of time and expense. Two separate trips were analyzed. The first, a relatively shorter trip of 1200 miles round trip from Detroit Michigan to Nashville Tennessee. The second, a longer trip of 2800 round trip miles from Detroit to Miami Florida. Three colleagues were used as a baseline for costs for all modes of transportation. The analyzed modes of transportation included car, train, business jet and commercial airline. Also included in the cost analysis were paid company time, per diem, fuel, food stops, hotel and miscellaneous expenses. The standard expenses listed in the assignment instructions were used during the assessment. Estimated costs and schedule for commercial airline tickets, train tickets, were retrieved online. The commercial airline used for this project was Delta Airlines. Currently, Delta has a major hub in Detroit, and service both the Nashville and Miami airports. Amtrak was the passenger train used for this study. Amtrak services the Metro Detroit area, Miami and Nashville areas as well. Information on rental car prices was provided in the assignment parameters. The results of this study are outlined below. Two tables have been included to show the various price breakdowns and trip parameters. Also included in this summary are some of the unique trip complexities that can result during the various forms of travel. Automobile Travel Automobile travel offers some unique advantages in that it can free of the hassle of dealing with tickets, security checkpoints, and long lines. However, people who choose to travel by car are also a... ... middle of paper ... ... travel by airplane or train is not free of hassle. Long lines at ticket counters, mechanical delays, and airport security all offer realistic obstacles not involved in car travel. It is clear in the analysis that for long trips, commercial aviation is by far the best option from an economic standpoint. With a vast route structure and competition from other airlines, the customers can often find some exceptional deals on airfare. However, the shorter the trip becomes, the smaller the margins both financially and in terms of convenience. There is also a point where any means of scheduled travel would not be necessary and a car would be the best option. Works Cited Amtrak. (n.d.). Retrieved January 25, 2014, From Amtrak Web site: Delta Air Lines. (n.d.). Retrieved January 25, 2014, From Delta Air Lines Web site:

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