Gene Therapy Applied to Cancer

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Gene therapy is a relatively new discovery in the world of science. For years, doctors and researchers have been developing biological tools that are used in gene altering today. However, in recent years, doctors have begun to investigate the possibility of healing diseases through the process of gene therapy. Gene therapy is an experimental medical process that through which, doctors seeks to strengthen the body by replacing missing and damaged genes. Some people believe that replacing the genes that were not given to them at birth, or tampering with someone’s natural genes is considered unethical. These attitudes can be influenced by someone’s religion, spirituality, or just can be their personal beliefs. Based on the benefits of gene therapy, I argue that gene therapy is a more ethical and effective treatment for different diseases. The different diseases that gene therapy can cure were at one point in time considered incurable. Although gene therapy has been proven to show more effective results when applied to cancer, it may not be the best option for those who are concerned about their religious beliefs.
The concept of gene therapy developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Many were weary of its use because of all the problems that can go wrong within the process, such as reverse effects. Today, one of the most controversial topics regarding gene therapy is religion. It is respectable that people value their religious beliefs; nevertheless, there is a palpable difference between improving the quality of life and surpassing immoral boundaries. Gene therapy is powerful enough to prohibit cells from endangering the body and heal the suffering. Rejecting such treatment could be torturous; thus, gene therapy is eth...

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