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One of the main functions in today’s business management is the effective analysis of each situation, the identification of the correct problem, the consideration of possible solutions and the application of the correct procedures to facilitate that the organizations prospers. Al though is not always easy in order to accomplish business goals managers should make crucial decisions. When the proper judgments are made, and changes are implemented a corporation will enter in a process of healthy grow. The manager’s role as a problem solver for an organization is defined by Mac Shane & Von Glinow (2008) as “decision makers translate information into evidence that something is wrong or that an opportunity is available”, This is why managers as producers of change and opportunity finders are extremely important to the healthy development of the company’s operations. Gene One is a company that after some successful development is facing some challenges that may affect its growth, and hinder the organization. Therefore, they are in the need to implement some changes but before they make any decision they seek for the opportunities that may arise from the possible circumstances they are facing on the prospect to comply with the decision of the Board of Directors, which that they need to prepare themselves to go public in the next 36 months, to attain enough resources to develop two new product lines in order to achieve a 40% annual growth rate. However, Gene One is also experiencing some challenges that may disrupt the growth’s opportunity. Among the many challenges that Gene One is confronting include changes in its corporate culture, leadership problems, conflict resolution management , current staff training and team buildi... ... middle of paper ... of the employees as well as the manager and the whole organization itself. For the accomplishment of Gene One’s ventures it is required that team coordination’s are in agreement with the company’s goals. “Teams are well suited to highly interdependence task because people coordinate better when working together than separately. High task interdependence also tends to increase employee motivation and satisfaction for team members.” ( Mac Shane & Von Glinow 2008). Gene’s teams need to come together to overcome the significant task of managing transformation in their organization, a good start would be to identify and consider all their issues and opportunities, the current state of affairs in the company as well as future goals, in order to agree on their resolutions and strategies to implement the necessary adjustments to fulfill the company’s goals.

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