Gendering Criminal Justice

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In contemporary society, the media is known for reinforcing gender ideologies in various ways. One of them is the use of dramas with the policing branch of the criminal justice system as the theme. Yvonne Roberts' article reveals the role of females in police dramas that reflect the gendered segregation in the real police workforce. However, these dramas have incorporated a concept of the female police officer being the victim and not the hero, that stems from the police subculture and gender being a factor of institutional logic. This paper will examine Anastasia Prokos and Irene Padavic's article "'There Oughtta Be a Law Against Bitches': Masculinity Lessons in Police Academy Training" to elaborate on the hidden curriculum that exists in the police workforce which is also dramatized. Although Yvonne Roberts talks about police dramas on a general note, she makes the transition to revealing gender as the institutional logic just after the half-way mark. Roberts does this by introducing that there is more to dramas than simply a well-written script. Rather, Yvonne suggests "something...
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