Gender and the Student/Teacher Relationship

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Gender and the Student/Teacher Relationship

Some people say that school is an environment where you can learn not only the fundamentals of math, English, history, and science; but also the foundations needed to build lasting relationships. Throughout our twelve years of required education we make countless friends and acquaintances, and with them we create relationships that can possibly affect the rest of our lives. One such relationship, which is extremely influential but often overlooked, is the relationship between a student and their teacher. There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the relationship between the teacher and the student. The main concern people seem to have is whether or not there should be a relationship at all. Websters 21st Century Dictionary defines relationship as a connection or association. Arent teachers and students supposed to associate in order for the learning process to work? During my years in school Ive had a number of teachers, but only a few made a permanent impression on me. They were the ones who went the extra mile and put forth the effort to know each of their students. They made it seem like teaching was more than just their job. There was Mrs. Mallela, my English teacher in both eighth and ninth grade, and Mrs. Goulding, my eleventh grade English teacher. These two teachers showed me that the understanding and knowledge of language is both a gift and a necessity in life. My eleventh grade social psychology teacher, Mr. Snyder, taught me to value myself as well as my opinions-and to not worry about what other people thought. Then there was Professor Hughes, who was my English teacher my first semester at Moorpark College, and although I wasnt able to complete the class he ope...

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...d not everyone who chooses the profession will succeed at it. How and where a student goes with his or her life will depend on the relationships they had with their teachers. With all the hype over education as a whole the teacher/student relationship is overshadowed, and that is a serious mistake. A dedicated teacher gives their students some direction in life by educating them in ways in which parents and friends can not.

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