Gender Violence, The Hunting Ground: The Hunting Ground

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Gender Violence: The Hunting Ground The Hunting Ground, directed by is a documentary that reveals the country’s lack of involvement with sexual assault cases on college campuses. Domestic and sexual violence creates power and dominance over individuals by making them feel inferior. “Kirby Dick is an Academy Award-nominated and two-time Emmy Award-winning documentary film director. His most recent feature, The Invisible War, a groundbreaking investigation into the epidemic of rape within the U.S. military” (The Hunting Ground Film, 2015). Watching this film, it is clear that it demonstrates the anthropological concept of enforcing gender roles through sexuality and power. The Hunting Ground exhibits the stories of amazing women who had the courage to take a stand about being sexually assaulted on campus. When the girls first came forward to their university, they were asked how they played a part in it. Asking them questions like: what were you wearing, why were you drinking, and why didn’t you fight him off? The university administration has been making it seem like it is the victim 's fault that they were sexually assaulted and…show more content…
The Anthropological definition of gender violence is “forms of violence shaped by the gender identities of the people involved” (Guest 2014, 297). Sexual assault and rape on college campuses is a form of power, because the perpetrators have dominance and control over the victim that is involved. “Power and social inequality shape sexuality” (Rogozen-Soltar 2016), this is apparent when men are known to have dominance and power over young women. Sexual assault and rape is a form of power that will control another person. “Every relationship is embedded in complex dynamic of power…” (Guest 2014, 334) The dynamic of power has relations to intersectionality. Intersectionality is “gender linked to race, class and other factors that shape experience” (Rogozen-Soltar

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