Gender Sttratification And Gender Roles In Society

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Society 's level of development and technology and wealth enhance gender stratification and gender roles that have been established long ago. From a biological aspect of the differences between men and women comes a society that stabilizes these gender inequality and gender roles. It becomes much more difficult to change these ideas that have been held in the minds of many. These biological differences create a society of male dominance with female submission. This dominance, in turn, generates a society with development and technology based on a foundation by men and resources and structure that enhance male ideals.
Gender stratification and gender roles have been established in society long before people noticed it. In a society before agriculture,
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Boys are expected to be better at math and worse at reading (Conley 307). Therefore, men are more likely in the scientific fields like engineering. Men discover the majority of developments in sciences, especially in the past. Discoveries made by men are more well-known compared to women. Even if the discovery was by a woman, the credit that she earned would most likely transfer to a male colleague (Lee). A great example would be Rosalind Franklin, who was not recognized for her data in helping the discovery of the structure in DNA (Lee). Women 's progress in society is slow. It is difficult to catch up to the overwhelming progress and foundation that men have already established. These achievements by men places them highly in the structure that they have built. Thus, they earn more for what they find and do. They start something and get credit for it. However, women have a harder time starting. Instead, they start somewhere lower and build credit for those higher up. Women and men both attempt to move up in status whenever they can. Despite hard work from both, women seem to have a harder time moving up. Their social mobility is not as flexible as men. Women face a glass ceiling, "an invisible limit on a women 's climb up the occupational ladder" (Conley 310). Gender inequality confines women into certain jobs that affirm their gender roles. Kanter showed that "the job makes the person; the person doesn 't make the job" (Conley 311). A job have certain responsibilities and a person must adopt them to succeed the job. When a women get into a higher position, they face sexual harrassment and are looked down upon. However, men enjoy a glass escalator, a quicker rise to leadership positions (Conley 312). Men in a woman dominated job are treated better and easily promoted. Most higher ups are men, so men continually promote more men and less women. This restricts women from
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