Gender Stereotypes Of Television Advertisements

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The term gender stereotype can be defined as any attributes, differences and roles of individuals and or groups (Gender Stereotypes, 2016). This term relates to advertising because advertisers argue whether gender stereotypes in advertisements are problematic and how the effect of these advertisements can harm society (Matthes, Prieler & Adam, 2016). Gender stereotyping in television advertisements can be problematic to society when gender roles are justified according to what society think is acceptable and not acceptable. According to the resource page, on the Health: Gender Violence website, gender roles are characteristics that are considered appropriate for men and women in society (N.A., 2002). What is consider appropriate for men and women in society? In this case, society says it is appropriate for women to bake, whereas men are judged for baking. For instance, the Easy Bake Oven commercials that are broadcast on television. This ad target market is basically for teenage girls. Why not for teenage boys as well? Advertisers should not showcase products that both genders can purchase. This situation mirrors what society think is appropriate and not appropriate for gender roles. There are many teenage boys that love to bake, but because the characters in the Easy Bake Oven commercials are only teenage girls, they chose not to bake. In addition, something that advertisers can considered when trying to close the gender gap in ads, is trying to emphasis gender equality. Thus, making the characters equal and enjoyable for both men and women. Moreover, this example is a perfect way of explaining why gender stereotypes in advertising can harm society. Gender stereotypes can harm society by upsetting different community groups, i... ... middle of paper ... ...involved in the study. Conclusion In conclusion, studies on gender stereotypes in television advertisements have been conducted around the world. In fact, gender stereotypes are mostly displayed in the depiction of men and women. In this case, creates a gap between gender roles and society. As it states in the paper, gender roles are basically attributes, which society has a say in what is appropriate for men and women in society. This particular topic fits into the overall topic of advertising because it can effect society. Gender roles in television advertisements can have an effect on society by dividing both men and women. It divides men and women by creating limitations for both genders. Furthermore, depictions of men and women in ads should showcase gender equality instead of limitations in gender roles. This research study reveals that gender stereotypes in

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