Gender Stereotypes In Advertising Essay

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Buy this toy! Now only $19.99! These statements might be something a person could hear blaring out of his or her television set from the next room. It 's easy for an adult to tune out commercials, but children soak these messages right up whether a parent wants them to or not. Because the messages in toy commercials promote gender stereotypes which harm social equality, advertisers need to adopt gender-blind methods of advertising. The harmful effects of gender-stereotypical advertising can be quantified through looking at how the job market is divided. Parents themselves can take steps to push advertising companies in the correct direction by learning the ways these companies subliminally send stereotypical messages and taking personal steps…show more content…
Children who watch these commercials are more likely to believe they should play with certain toys as a result of this commercial manipulation (Martínez, Nicolas, and Salas 191). It 's important to look at the specifics on how advertising companies subliminally affect children 's beliefs about their genders. There are a couple major ways subliminal influence is taking place: gender separation, commercial settings, and types of play. All of these methods of gender stereotyping contribute to instilling outdated ideas and beliefs in children.
Distinct gender roles in commercials promote gender selective play, by including either all boys or all girls. Girls are pictured playing with other girls with toys such as Barbie Fashion Show, Polly Pocket Quick Click Boutique, or My Little Pony Dance Studio. The same can be said for boys, separated into boys only commercials and playing with toys such as Super Soakers, Hot Wheels Cyborg Assault, or ESPN Games Station (Kahlenberg and Hein, Table 2,
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Tracking down what constitutes a gender-neutral toy, however, isn 't always simple. Generally, gender-neutral colors are more in line with the stereotypical male colors, such as bold and primary colors. The color scheme used on toys is an indicator by companies to show which toys are gender-neutral. Advertisers have a propensity to market toys this way because research has shown that it 's more difficult for boys to cross gender lines created by gender-role stereotyping than it is for girls. (Auster and Mansbach, 377). When consumers purchase toys already marketed as gender-neutral, companies will calculate their sales trends, and statistical date, and it will be obvious what parents prefer to buy and will market
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