Gender Stereotypes For Women

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The United States of America is considered a nation of vast, incredible, and amicable opportunities. It is known to be a place where freedom wraps its self in the midst of its society and prosperity is the implicit belief for its population's happiness. The ideology of "equality for all" established in the Bill of Rights, offers every citizen the right to liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness. But is America depriving women from certain rights of equality, alienating away from the country's main principle established in the Bill of Rights that "all men are created equal"? Is America depriving women from equality when the society discriminates against them by encouraging them to follow careers that are feminine and denying them equal employment opportunities into prominent male jobs? There is a great difference between male and female genders, and one of the most evident, is the implicit stereotype between gender and their respective careers. Man tend to pursue careers that involve "technical or intellectual skills", while woman are encouraged to seek "feminine" centralized jobs, this is all due to the fact that society has preconceived the ideology that women are supposed to act and inherent man’s shadow, but never surpassing the skills man have. The stereotype has the erroneous ideology that many women are not capable of obtaining jobs in man seeking careers.
Gender can be defined as an array of personal traits and a position that connects you with being a male or female. It is clearly evident that both boys and girls are different in their biological make up but that does not necessarily imply that their biological differences establishes their personality (Carl 27). In our daily lives we deal and participate in t...

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...low percentage when it was dealing with science or technical professions, its percent was that of a 43.2 and 8.9 in the construction workforce. (International Labour Organization 2).
Therefore, it is noticeable from various researches, that women are pursuing careers that collaborate within the studies of education, health services, art, music and utilities, while man extend their degrees in majors such as: engineering, chemistry, medicine. This makes many women feel the sense of inequality and injustice because of the stereotype produced by the United States of gender bias towards females, and their incapacity of knowledge in the fields man tend to pursue. Women should not be put in the position of feeling incapacitated to achieve their dream career because society believes that they are not qualified and prepared for the advance position man have possessed.
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