Gender Socialization In The Masculinist Society

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Gender socialization is the continued process of putting biological males and females into their traditional gender roles. Both the LGBT community and feminist have challenged the status quo of the masculinist society we live in. Traditionally, the masculinist have ruled in America, but that is changing because gender socialization is a continual process. Basically, gender socialization is when society gives children their traditional gender roles. The rewards of going along with gender socialization is that the person will not face as much scrutiny, they will not appear abnormal to society, and will overall face less discrimination. The costs of not going alone with gender socialization is that the person will have to change who they are, they will appear strange or abhorrent to…show more content…
Culture says, that the person must follow these rules otherwise they’re anomalous. Each person must act a certain way, otherwise society will act a certain way to punish the person. In this story, Craig stood up for his beliefs in gender roles; which has greatly benefited their marriage. The main reason that this has benefitted their marriage is that both Amy and Craig agree with the traditional gender roles assigned to them. Society values men highly, even though the cost are greater for men that do not go along with their assigned gender roles. This is because the quote-unquote alpha male is seen as the top of society. In “Becoming Members of Society” by Devor, Aaron Devor wrote,
Masculinity, then, requires of its actors that they organize themselves and their society in a hierarchical manner so as to be able to explicitly quantify the achievement of success
…Masculinity thus becomes “innately” valuable and femininity serves a contrapuntal function to delineate and magnify the hierarchical dominance of masculinity.”

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