Gender Schema Theory Of Gender Socialization

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There are many ways in which society can influence an individual. An individual can be influenced by the news, family, and friends. However an individual does not think much about how their gender has influenced their life. Gender socialization can be defined as the “process by which individuals are taught how to socially behave in accordance with their assigned gender, which is assigned at birth based on their biological sex” (Boundless, 2015). This is a process that begins from the moment that an individual’s life starts. As a child, each gender is treated differently. Girls are given dolls and are expected to stay clean when playing outside. Boys are given toy cars and are allowed to get dirty when playing outside (Sanderson, 2008). Gender…show more content…
The Gender Schema Theory was developed by Sandra Bem and explains how gender schemas are developed when a child forms a basic gender identity. A gender schema is based on “children’s interactions and observations of others, their environment, and the culture” and is used to organize and direct behavior based on their society’s gender norms and expectations (Williams, Gender Schema Theory). With this in mind and going back to my gender socialization, I developed a gender schema that is mixed between the two genders and not really either specifically male or female. My behavior as a child was not always appropriate of a little girl gender role; I did not like to play with dolls or with tea/cook sets but instead would rather play sports or games outside. I would rather do things that were appropriate of a little boy gender role. Having this mixed gender schema as a child, I believe it helped to be more open-minded as I got older. When seeing males do things that are stereotypically of a female gender role, I see no problem with it when others might. The same is for the opposite – if I were to see a female do something of a male gender role, I would have no problem when others would. An example would be seeing a male dress up with a face full of makeup. Many individuals may have a problem with this, since makeup is generally part of a female’s day routine, but I do not see an
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