Gender Roles in Society

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A nuclear family typically involves a couple and their dependant children, but in reality, family’s come in all shapes and sizes. How can the world adapt to definitions and norms when every family or home has their own unique ways that make them a “family”? Interestingly enough, it is not only the people that make up our family, but our roles and expectations as well. With time, society continuously creates new definitions and expectations for one another, and we are all expected to comply with modern day terms. Throughout this essay, we will discuss gender roles and expectations of each family member (based on their label), how gender roles have evolved throughout history to what they are today and how society is adapting to these changes. From very early on in childhood, we are bombarded with labels that we just can’t seem to shake the older we get. These labels such as; Mom, Dad, Grandma/Grandpa, Brother, Sister, Friend, Boyfriend/Girlfriend and many others are imprinted into our mind almost immediately. When hearing these labels, we automatically associate our expectations based on gender roles. When you think of Dad and Grandpa, we assume he is someone who is the caretaker, the breadwinner, the man of the house and even the one who keeps us safe. Fathers usually partake in the outside household work, including maintenance of property, and earning the income. In contrast, the Mother and Grandmother are the caregivers; they provide care for the children, the home and are required to keep the home (whom the husband so generously pays for) in neat order. Sisters and brothers even have their own gender roles in association with their titles. For example, sisters should be there to guide their younger siblings so they don’t get int... ... middle of paper ... ...ueller & Buckley, 2013) It is safe to say that even though men may not always have the maternal instinct that mother’s do, but perhaps if they got the chance, they would eventually evolve into an equally maternal parent. Works Cited
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