Gender Roles: Women's Role In Society

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From the beginning of time gender roles played a big part in society, gender roles are based on expectations and beliefs of what a society has on a specific person based on their sex. In literature Gender roles have always been a major conflict, whither it was in a play, a poem, or a story. If women are not projected as a weak person, or if men are not presented as manly and heroic, people start taking offense to that. Like how Serena is seen as strong independent women in the story, and her role shuts down are all gender norms, and sets a new meaning for what a women should be like. When thinking of the 19th Century, the images of women at home cooking and cleaning in their lovely dresses come to mind, or men working, smoking and drinking. If the first chapter of Serena is read gender norms are immediately addressed, "Pemberton 's partners appeared incapable of further speech. Their eyes shifted to the leather chaps Serena wore, the beige oxford shirt and black jodhpurs. Serena 's proper diction and erect carriage…show more content…
As the main character of Serena, she defines everything a woman is expected to be like. She is an antithesis role model for women; she represents everything a woman should strive to become, even though Serena is seen as a wicked person in the story, her personality demands respect and

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