Gender Roles Of Women And Women

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Biologically women and men are different only because of their physique and genital organs, but culturally it raises a bigger question between the gender role of the two. Men and womens’ equality are seen to be equaling out with the advancement of the feminist movements, but the women are expected to fit this “ideal” woman standard that are causing challenges within work field and household dealing with sexism, inequality, and restrictions. Women are raised to take over household duties. Starting from a young age women are raised to do the cleaning, cooking, and just work around the house. For example, in Japan, women are suppose to be excel in household duties rather than having an education to have a promising career. Being able to clean and cook are implied to be a basic like being able to write and read. I remember my mom constantly telling me I need to learn how to clean or cook to be a good wife. It always started off by saying “you’re a girl..” and continued with a household duty I need to be able to do. These expectation to clean and cook was never asked upon or expected by my parents from my brothers. The culture in japan is influenced by the Confucian ideals: Focused on family according to japan Where men are the head of the family and the women relies on the men to provide for them. The expectation for the women to the household duties are much highly demanded than the men. Therefore at a young age women are taught to do housework at a young age. From being taught to do household chores at a young age, even in dual-earning couples the women need to do the housework. In this society, it created this norm for women to need to take over the household chores. Both parents working has started to become... ... middle of paper ... and shows more skin it is not socially acceptable. Women are frowned upon with many things men are not. If a man slept with many women then he is considered a player and is glorified, but when a woman does the same thing, she’s considered a slut and looked at in disdain. This double standard between the men and women that 's created by the society is making it harder for woman to be able to accept themselves freely. The challenges women are going through now are not easily fixed, but will take more time to finally reach equality with men. However the society needs to change this unachievable standard that is being followed through to accept the changes within the society norm of men and women. The women are going through many challenges in trying to meet the ideal of what women are suppose to be doing to be accepted into society and not thought as a failure.
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