Gender Roles In Traditional Chinese Culture

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In traditional Chinese culture, the status of males are essential than females because the role of males in a family is the leader and in charge of external matters such as working to support the family, whereas the role of females in a family is the follower and in charge of internal matters such as housework. Thus, only males have power in the family even in society which called patriarchy society. However, the belief of different gender’s standing has changed in the past few decades as females have opportunities and abilities to work in society even their working postitions are higher than males’. When I have grown up, I realize that people have stereotyped different genders’ characteristics such as males not wearing dresses and females…show more content…
I had to learn to communicate with boy as I had never had same experiences. The differences between boys and girls became obvious when I got along with male classmates. One of the example about difference between two gender was playing basketball. Only boys would play basketball in the playground during lunch time. I did not understand the reason why only boys play basketball in my secondary school because I played basketball in elementary school. Even though I loved playing basketball, I had not played basketball in the playgroung during lunch time. I remember that when I was a senior student, I was first time to see girls were playing basketball in the playground during lunch time. In secondary school’s life, I think there was a perfect period to meet different gender because teenagers include me are curious about another gender. Moreover, the other differences between two gender that I discovered in secondary school was most of the girls in my class hated physcial education class especially swimming class; however, boys loved physical education class as they were active. I think that different genders have a different feeling or reaction of physical education class because of different stereotyped characteristics, such as boys are more extroverted and vigorous than girls, and girls must be easy to get hurt. Besides the traditional gender constructure, my biology teacher taught me transgender and gener-non-conforming in grade nine, and this was the first time I heard other types of gender. Therefore, I had never thought about people might have the third gender type in the world because I only heard about male and female when I was
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