Gender Roles In The Movie Mulan

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When you 're a kid all you would think about is candy, playing, being with your family, and movies. On particular movie has always been my favorite and it is the comedy-drama Mulan which was released in 1998. The movie Mulan is about a girl who disguises herself as a man to save her injured father from being killed in a war. A group called the Huns invaded the Great Wall of China to go after the emperor and take over the country. The emperor ordered all men to be called into battle. Mulan couldn 't really fulfill her traditional gender roles. She needed to be obedient, thin, bear children, and never speak her mind. She believes she has to prove something and have her family see that she can do things right. Not only does she doubt herself…show more content…
The media portrays women as thin, beautiful, and a perfect body. In relation, the movie portrays women as thin with a tiny waist, obedient, and good taste. Mulan had to go through a makeover to see someone called the Mathchmaker. The Matchmaker finds husbands for the women and arranges the marriage. The meeting doesn 't go well and the Matchmaker told Mulan that she may look like a bride but she will never bring her family honor. In addition, the movie plays another catchy tune and it 's about men describing their own view of women instead of accepting her how she is. The song is called: "A Girl worth Fighting For." As the song plays, Mulan, who is disguised as a soldier says: "How about a girl who 's got a brain. Who always speaks her mind?" The other soldiers didn 't agree and waved away her line of the song. Men need to see that women can 't change who they are. Women are majestic creatures and they should be celebrated for their one of a kind…show more content…
The Emperor’s counsel said, “She’s a woman. She will never be worth anything.” Then the Emperor stepped in and told her that she has saved them all. He bowed to her and the troops, counsel, and the people who were there to celebrate the troops all bowed to Mulan. She has earned the respect and honor she deserved. However, in order to get her respect she had to go extreme measures to do so. Mulan didn’t want respect or gratitude. She just wanted to save her father. Then her simple wish of keeping her father safe took an unexpected turn and she became a war hero. Men need to realize that women are capable of doing so much more than child bearing. Women can do what men can do and even better at

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