Gender Roles In The 1950's

Gender roles and stereotypes have always existed, as one gender is always expected to do something. Gender roles and stereotypes has had a huge change since the 1950’s. Now some male’s stay at home and help the family out. Females are going out and getting jobs providing for the family. With all this changing divorce rates are also getting higher. These three changes are the biggest changes that has happened with gender roles and stereotype since the 1950’s.

In society back in the 1950’s males were seen as the ones that went out and had a job while the females stayed at home. The women would tend to the house and the children while the male was at work. “It suddenly occurred to me that I too, would like to have a wife. Why do i want a wife?”(Syfers) this was an article by a woman named Judy Syfers in the 1970’s. Judy Syfers wants a wife because she wants someone to care for the house, children, and even dinner but in society that was her job. Back in the 1950’s all female to stay at home and care for the house, that was seen as normal to the society. But now things have changed in the 21’st century, in today’s society it is normal for the male to stay at home and care for the house and kids,
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Back in the 1950’s men and women were expected to do a certain job and have certain duties they had to fulfill. Those duties were men going to work and earning money for the family and women staying at home caring for the house. As this was going on women were trying to fight for their equal rights and their rights to join the workforce. Now in the 21’st century women are seen as more equal and they’re all over the workforce. Women can be seen bringing all the money to the house while the husband stays at home cleaning and caring for the house. This also caused a lot of divorce rates because women now can financially support themselves as to back in the 1950’s they needed
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