Gender Roles In Modern Society

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Society Decides What is Normal
Today’s society challenges gender behavior in many aspects. Years ago the stereotypical ‘norm’ was the male to provide for his family, and the female was to stay home and take care of the children and the home. The twentieth century was favored more toward the male verses female. Today in the twenty-first century males and females are becoming more equal. Males and females both have changed roles from the workplace to home. Females are taking on the domineering role of head of household and the livelihood of the family. While more males are staying home with the children. That was unheard of in the twentieth century. In current society, both male and female need to work outside of the home in order to make
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Families have both parents a mom and dad to two moms, two dads, one of each as in a divorced situation, or even multiple sets of parents. Leading any one of the genders to role-play as the dominant or the nurturing parent perhaps both. The sitcom ‘The Modern Family” shows just about a little of all families as they are portrayed today. Each family weather they are the standard normal family with dad, mom, and kids or the family with same sex parents still have the same roles as anyone else. The roles are to provide a well balanced and nurturing home life for themselves along with the children they are raising. The Modern family has a normal family, a family with the dad that has re-married, and a family with two dads that adopted a little girl. This shows the society that people can coexist regardless of what challenges they face. The show for the most part keeps the gender roles as the norm. The home life is where the gender challenges come to play. Phil is the dad in the traditional family. At times he appears to be nurturing and the one the children confide in. While his father in law Jay is the re-married dad and is the strong masculine type. Jay has grown children from the previous marriage. One of the grown children, a son named Mitchell, is in a relationship with another man named Cameron. Both Mitchell and Cameron are nurturing and soft spoken. The show highlights the many ways that families today have to deal with situations. ( Growing up from a small town my life is much the same as the traditional view of what should be. My life has been planned out since the beginning: school, college, career, love, and family. A person male or female graduates high school, graduates college, career, falls in love, then finally a family. Traditionally this is and in most cases is still the excepted norm for Western cultures. However, life happens and does not mean that this is the order things will happen or that any
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